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Darker Fonts is the New Black!

June 28th 2017

The texts on our platform used to be clean, simple and uncluttered; but maybe not legible enough. So we changed it for an even more readable typeface with darker letters and better contrast in our design. By doing so, we want everyone to feel at ease on our platform.

Better readability in our new version

To the left the fonts we used before, to the right the darker fonts we start using today.

Since the beginning our aim has been to combine time-saving technology and simplicity, great efficiency and accessibility. Helpful Village emerged from our belief in these key principles and our keen motivation to promote smooth and easy digital connections between seniors.

By improving the platform’s readability, we hope to make your experience with us even more enjoyable.

Do not hesitate to share your thoughts on the matter with us!

Please contact the team at Helpful Village if you have any questions: support-at-helpfulvillage-dot-com