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New version: monthly installments

May 9th 2017


In addition to the annual dues payment structure we currently offer, we added an option that allows for monthly payments of the membership dues.

Activating the monthly payments feature

In order to activate this feature, Village administrators can go to Menu > Admin > Settings > "Config. Memberships", and then edit each one of the membership types that will allow monthly payments.


The "fee" field is used for the one-time payment for the full length of the membership type (i.e. 12 months). The "monthly fee" is the amount of the monthly installments. Your Village can decide if the sum of all the monthly fees is higher or lower than the one-time fee.

When you save with the "Are monthly payments enabled?" option, there are several things happening behind the scenes so please double check all the fields in this screen (fee, monthly fee, etc.)

The member point of view

Once the Monthly installments have been activated by the Village administrator, this is what the member sees when he/she logs in.

Members menu showing monthly installments

Your Village members can also arrange monthly payments on Menu > Members > Renew Membership > Monthly Installments.

Household members monthly installments automatically extends the membership expiration date for both members.

The member can see his/her membership expiration date, the membership type and the monthly fee before agreeing to pay the monthly installments with his/her credit card.

Membership information review before entering the credit card information

Once the credit card information is entered, the member can see his/her monthly installments status (Active)

Membership monthly payments confirmation

Please contact the team at Helpful Village if you have any questions: support-at-helpfulvillage-dot-com