Technology for an Efficient Village

Efficient technology for the Village Movement

Village Movement, the Silicon Valley addition

Full disclosure: This article is written by the founder of An Online platform for villages that makes them more efficient and easier to operate.

A little bit of history

We didn’t invent the Village Movement. Visionary seniors at Beacon Hill (MA) invented the seniors mutual help communities that allow them to live in their own homes as they age.

The movement then grew throughout the nation and is now reaching 200 local villages across the nation. It now reaches a critical size that allows us to come in and add the technology that allows the movement to reach its full potential.

Village + Technology = The Efficient Village

In our 21st century, the efficiency of any human organization involving a workflow and communications relies on the proper design of an Internet platform.

As UBER did for rides, we use technology to efficiently fulfill service requests and match them with the right volunteers quickly and smoothly. We also use DATA to increase the efficiency of the village.

For instance, since Ashby Village started using our Service Module, volunteers were able to find service requests 24/7, volunteer and fulfill member requests without any human intervention of office staff. Volunteering becomes easier and more rewarding because the service requests matching is confirmed right away and there is no double dipping (two volunteers cannot take the same service request.)

Increase efficiency, add services and maximize their quality

We reinforce the strengths of the village model, we make it easier and cheaper to operate. Easier and more engaging to volunteer and participate in community events and conversations.

We use algorithms and data to engage with seniors more effectively and also identify individuals that need more attention to cope with social isolation and depression.

We are a Start-up of the University of California Accelerator 2016 (Berkeley).

You can read some more about what is Helpful Village adding to the village movement, in the next blog post I will publish here next week.
Helpful Village added technology from California