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Village Software

We are the first Village specific platform helping Villages automate their regular workflow so that Villages can spend more time on high-value tasks and less time on back-office work.

Have a Look


What Helpful Village Can Do for You

Great for Villages who are just starting or established Villages seeking to ....?

 Fulfill Service Requests More Efficiently 

Our Service Module allows volunteers to find service requests 24/7 and to volunteer and fulfill member requests without any human intervention of office staff. 

Cut Back On
Office Work  

Our technology is aimed at making your Village more cost-effective to operate by cutting down on administrative tasks so that staff volunteers can finally focus on high valued tasks such as social support, fundraising and managing exceptional situations. 

Run it All From One Place

With Helpful Village you no longer need to use multiple platforms to fulfill your village needs. We centralize all the tools your Village will need in one place and provide you with statistical data reports to help your Village grow. 

Our Features


We really believe in the "less is more" motto.  We provide all the tools necessary for running a Village and display them in a minimalistic, easy to navigate interface that is user-friendly. Not to mention, extremely efficient and powerful. 


Say goodbye to cluttered screens with too many button functionalities and tiny fonts!


We have 14 powerful modules that are being used by some of the most visionary Villages in the nation. From volunteer-matching, to financial, to statistical reports, you name it, we do it all. 

We provide high-value services for your members on their favorite device: iPhone, iPad, desktop, and now Amazon Alexa! 


Villages are non-profits that have limited budgets, therefore we built the Helpful Village app to be so efficient that staff and office volunteers only spend limited time on running the Village. The normal workflow is automatic and human intervention is focused on high-value tasks that reduce your costs at the end of the day. 


We use top-level security to keep your member's and volunteer's data safe at all times at no extra cost. 

Helpful Village is Free for 30 Days. No Strings Attached.

Who's Using Helpful Village?


Lisa Brinkmann

Executive Director of Marin Villages

"Easy, Immediate, 24/7- Helpful Village allows volunteering to become part of the community fabric."

Marin Villages

"HV makes my job easier and saves me time. We are excited to start using Helpful Village to manage our events calendar and more."

Lamorinda Village

Maria Xiaris

Volunteer at Clayton Valley Village

"As an In-Development Village, we love the fact that Helpful Village makes it easier and faster to get our village started."

Clayton Valley Village

Anne Ornelas

Director of Lamorinda Villages

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