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Simple Pricing.

$1 per active member, per month.

Don't be fooled by other competitors. We never charge for volunteers, admin, expired members, donors, prospects, or based on the ability to log in. We work hard to make sure your Village is successful and never charge for people supporting the Village.

Explore Our Packages

Get powerful tools, all in one app, priced for In-Development Villages.

$30 per month

$300 one time enrollment fee

  • Guided on-boarding + setup

  • Manage Prospects 

  • Promote the Village

  • Showcase Events

  • Manage Donations

+ Invoice One time Enrollment 

+ Monthly Invoice

In-Development pricing (image with Village planners))

Use the platform that allows your administrators to focus on high-value tasks.

$1 per active member per month (more than 50 members)

$50 per month (Minimum)

$3,000 one time enrollment fee

  • Guided on-boarding + setup

  • Included volunteer self-service

  • Large number of comprehensive reports

  • Automatic tasks

+ Invoice One time Enrollment

+ Monthly Invoice Minimum Amount

+ Invoice Example for 55 active members. 1$ per member per month

Established pricing (image showing Village coordinator)
Premium Features

We are always innovating and adapting to the current needs.

Zoom Module:

  • $5 per month 

GeoCoding of Member + Volunteer Addresses: 

  • $5 per 1,000 location requests

Text message:

  • $3 monthly fee + $0.02 per message segment

Village Maps:

  • $5 per month

Wellness Check-ins:

  • $5 per month for every one hundred members

Premium Features pricing (picture showing a planning meeting))
Additional Services

We strive to make your life easier and offer extra services.

Domain Purchase + Configuration & MailChimp Setup:

  • $45 one time fee

Customize Style sheet:

  • $60 per change

Customization Work:

  • $100 per hour

    • If you need it, we can do it. 


  • $50 per hour with the Support team

  • $100 per hour with the Tech team


What We Don't Charge For

Helpful Village is here to ensure your Village has the support and help it needs to be successful. We don't have hidden fees that stop you from growing and continuing to make an impact on your community.

  • We never charge for our top-rated security (check it out!). Here at Helpful Village, we understand the importance of keeping your member's data safe and that is why we always include an SSL Certificate and A-rated security measures as part of your package at no extra cost

  • Website Hosting: Build a website to showcase the incredible things your Village is doing in the community and never be limited by the number of pages, links, pictures, etc. 

  • Keep all your documents, reports, applications, and photos all in one spot with unlimited space in the Documents Library. 

  • Our Support team is here to help you be successful. You can reach someone from our customer support team via email, Slack, or by phone. 

  • We never charge for volunteers, admin, donors, prospects, or expired members. Ask our competitors what they do.

If you are interested in a payment plan, please email: [email protected]

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