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What is a Village?


We all aim to be independent and remain in control of our lives for as long as we can.  


However, this doesn’t always work out as we encounter challenges of illness. As we age, our world gets smaller and living independently can start to feel lonely.

The Village model allows older adults to age in place with the support of a community.  Simply put, a Village is a neighborhood-based membership organization that is governed by its members. Volunteers and paid staff provide support for seniors and connections to affordable services which include anything from transportation services to health and wellness programs that allow seniors to confidently age in their own home.


Along with these Village services comes the unique aspect of social connection.  Village members are linked with one another and help each other with support activities such as cooking meals for neighbors who are sick.  Many members find that the best part of the Village model is the social events created within the community which allows seniors to connect with other members and do the things they love most together.

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