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We've got the resources you need. 

Helpful Village Monthly Release Webinars

On the third Wednesday of the month, at 11 am PST, 2 pm EST there is a Helpful Village hosted Webinar that will focus on the monthly improvements and release notes that will be coming to the Helpful Village platform at the end of each month.

It is highly recommended to attend these. You can also find recordings of past meetings here. 

On the day of the event please follow this link and it will take you to the webinar:


Go to Webinar Now


*Meeting ID: 693 983 242*

Helpful Village User Group Webinars

Hosted by The Village to Village Network

On the fourth Wednesday of the month, at 11 am PST, 2 pm EST, the Village to Village Network hosts a webinar that is peer-to-peer support and mentoring for the HV platform. This is a great opportunity for Villages to intercommunicate with each other about good practices, ask questions, and discuss features. In addition, having a peer-to-peer run webinar. The HV Customer Success Manager participates often to help answer questions.


To participate in the Village to Village Network hosted Webinar, you or your Village will need a current VtV membership to register for this event. Once you have logged in to the VtV website, you will be able to register for the HVUG webinar on their calendar. Please follow these instructions.


If you have any issues or questions, you can reach out to +Travis Mowers at VtV and he will be able to assist you further.

Current Helpful Village users, those considering using Helpful Village in the future, and others, are always welcome to participate in either or both webinars!

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