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What is the village movement?

Villages are membership driven, grassroots organizations, run by volunteers and paid staff that do everything possible to allow seniors to stay in their homes as they age. More about the village movement

How are we redefining the movement ?

We are the first Village specific app, born and designed with the village needs in mind.

We didn't invent the movement, but we added the technology that allows to efficiently puts it in practice More about our technology

Demo, printscreens and video slideshow

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Specially designed for seniors

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Easy to use

Specially designed for seniors

As we age, we all appreciate simplicity. We try to display the information in a structured way and we avoid cluttered screens with a hundred buttons.

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Readable and visible for all

We design our interface for the specific needs of seniors. In particular, we listen to our users with specific conditions like macular degeneration.

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Online community of trust

All members and volunteers become engaged with our online platform to request and complete services, register for events and have access to online conversations.

Most efficient villages use the best technology

Save money

Villages are non-profits that have limited budgets, therefore we built the Helpful Village app to be super efficient so that staff and office volunteers need to spend very little time to run the village. Mostly, the normal workflow is automatic and human intervention is focused on high value tasks like social support and managing exceptional situations.

Better services & quality

Our app will increase the added-value of your village, because we offer new services that are smooth and community-based, where volunteers and members use it.

Free trial !

HelpfulVillage is used everyday by some of the most succesful villages of the Silicon Valley. We are expanding geographically and now any village across the nation can join the movement and start with our free trial offer. Ask for a free trial now!