Does your village have an emergency plan?

Villages are organizations that offer value to different parties:

  + Value to Members

  + Value to the Community at Large (Federal Grants)

  + Value to your City

At Helpful Village we believe it is important to have a connecting relationship with other organizations operating in your area (city, senior center, AAA). We have recently added new tools to Helpful Village that will demonstrate the value of your Village to your local community. 

Following recent emergency situations in different areas of the country:

   - Fires and power outages in California

   - Storms in New England

   - Hurricanes in Texas 

We have been working with several Villages that are coordinating with their local authorities and have created Emergency Plans to make sure all Villagers are safe during a natural disaster.

Interestingly, during the recent power outages in the Bay Area a Villager in California instinctively started to check in with the frailest Village members she knew in her neighborhood and her assistance was highly appreciated. Now her Village is formalizing an Emergency Plan organization inspired by the actions of that person!

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The most significant tool we added to Helpful Village this month is 'Village Maps', a premium feature that helps Villages partition the neighborhoods they serve, geolocate local coordinators, members and volunteers.

With better tools, Villages are now better prepared to serve their members in emergency situations!

Village Maps is the most recent example of the unparalleled high-quality services we offer to our Villages. We will continue to enhance our Emergency Plan tools and will be announcing more improvements later this year.

If your Village already has an existing emergency plan or any ideas you would be willing to share, please do not hesitate to reply to this message.

If you would like to learn more about Helpful Village, please visit our website.

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