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Everyone knows Villages play an essential role supporting Older Adults in their own homes. And if someone doesn’t know what a Village does, there are plenty of anecdotal examples that illustrate the remarkable things that they do.

“Mrs. Smith who is 90 years old was able to get a ride from a wonderful volunteer named Becca that took her to her doctor appointment”

These anecdotal examples are very meaningful and create a deep emotional connection. In addition to that, more sophisticated Villages are now able to provide funders with measurable results that demonstrate that Villages are super-efficient organizations where each dollar helps coordinate the tremendous amount of work that Village Volunteers deliver every day.

Meet Impact Reports

Helpful Village is announcing this month the new “Impact Reports". With the click of a button, Villages can now produce a one-pager summary that shows a quick overview of the impact of the Village on the local community to potential fund providers of the Village like the city Mayor, local foundations, grant-makers, donors and other stakeholders.

A More Substantial Pitch

This new report is bound to become a key element for a Village Pitch that becomes more substantial and will likely attract additional funding. An improved pitch may resemble the following:

”Our Village helps Older Adults age in their own homes. For instance ,Mrs. Smith, a beloved member of our Village, went to her doctor appointment last week with a wonderful volunteer named Becca.

Today, our Village has 278 members and 82 volunteers that over the last 12 months provided almost 900 Services and helped organize 535 events that attracted some 400 participants.

Using modern technology, we empower our volunteers to help our members and we make a sizable impact on our community in a cost-efficient fashion.

Our transparency and ability to showcase the impact of our work helped us receive 20% more funding from a local charitable foundation.”

We believe showing the sizable impact of your Village with facts and figures will be highly appreciated by local stakeholders. Also, this type of data is a requirement for all evidence-based programs that are supported by Federal, State funding. If you wish to learn more about Helpful Village and how can we help your Village set up high-impact operations with effective reporting, please do not hesitate to send an email to

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