Interest Groups Are Now More Powerful With Helpful Village

Being a Village member has many benefits: giving and receiving services, attending events, feeling a sense of belonging to the Village "Family", finding recommended providers, etc. That's a lot of different things that Build Community and today we are excited to announce the recent addition to our software package of a new way to bring people together: Interest Groups

Villages can create the Interest Groups of their choice based on their members' interests. And actually, we know they have been doing it for quite some time! There are already many successful Interest Groups in the Villages we serve ranging from Book Club, to Mah Jongg, to Hiking Group, Men's Coffee, Women's Coffee, etc.

Interest Groups are already successful initiatives but we thought we could help make Interest Groups even better!

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Villagers usually get together from time to time to discuss these topics and we decided we could make things easier if Helpful Village allowed the people in these groups to engage on preparatory conversations online.

For instance, with the new version of Helpful Village, a member can join the 'Book Club' online, ask questions to the group about what is the next book that will be reviewed and any person in the group can join the conversation and answer those questions.

We believe that enabling Village Talk around specific interest groups will be a game-changer for the fantastic interest groups that Villages put together.

Interest Groups are now 24/7 and more attractive to new members that can read the interest group preparatory conversation from their homes.

- Manuel Acevedo

Helpful Village Founder + CEO

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