New Helpful Village Tools for Corona Virus

Online Meetings and Check-ins

Due to the current social distancing and stay-at-home orders, many Villages are conducting online meetings (using platforms such as  Zoom, Google Meet, etc). 

To help better integrate these online meetings, Helpful Village has added a new element which allows members to directly access video chats. 

This new feature removes the need of distributing meeting information beforehand. It also protects your online meetings from being hacked by restricting access to that button to villagers who are logged in.

Less In-Person Services, More Online Check-ins

In order to encourage our Village Members to stay at home, we are emphasizing the use of our check-in services. Our tools such as Village Buddies (Phone tree) and daily check-ins are available to stay in touch with Village members by asking them what services they need and how they are feeling. It is important to keep not only the members physical health in mind, but also their emotional health.

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