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Organizations vs Providers

Updated: Apr 11, 2019



We made a recent improvement in our last version. We now have two different concepts that are similar and certainly connected: Providers and Organizations.


You add a Provider, let’s say “Acme Plumbing”, when the Village wants to add it to its list of Recommended Providers. Providers go through a “reviewing” process that is proper to each particular Village and they are not visible to members until an Admin checks the “Visible to Members” checkbox on the “Edit Provider page”.

You add an Organization, let’s say the “Archstone Foundation”, when the Village Admin wants to store specific information about an organization that is not necessarily interesting to Members. In particular, an Admin is able to search or create an Organization and then add donations made by that Organization, an Admin can also add Affiliations of any person in the Database to an Organization.

Here are affiliation examples:

- Mitch Kapor is Founder of Lotus.

- Ed Lee is Mayor of City of San Francisco.

Besides adding donations and affiliations on the specific Organization page, you can also add organization affiliations from the Person profile.

All Providers are necessarily Organizations (business name, phone, website, etc),providers are enriched organizations that also offer services to Members. That is why when you add a

Provider it is automatically listed in the list of Organizations but the reverse is not true. And when you edit the Organization fields of a Provider, they will be visible on the Organizations page.

We know these two concepts are similar and related so it can be a bit confusing at first but don’t worry too much give it a try and let us know how do you like it!

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