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HV is Getting Ready for Healthcare!

January 25th, 2019

Since day one, we have been focused on being the most secure Village Management Platform. Along with the technology advancements we have made for our platform, we are excited to announce we are going one step further to conquer the next frontier of the Village Movement: Healthcare. As a result, we are focused on partnering with healthcare providers in the near future in order to finish becoming HIPAA compliant.

Data security is always a key consideration, but the sensitive nature of protected health information (PHI) makes security and privacy even more important. Businesses need to meet a whole list of requirements to demonstrate HIPAA compliance. They have to commit to maintaining technical, physical, and administrative safeguards. We have implemented many of these requirements already and are the leading Village platform in pursuing HIPAA compliance.

At Helpful Village, we believe protecting the Village's data is our number one priority.  We have always focused on our customers’ data protection and applied the highest security standards to our services.

We also regularly monitor the security ratings with independent third-party security tools, such as Observatory by Mozilla (displayed in figure)

As a result of our focus on security, our website and database are rated as the most secure Village Management Platform in the industry. If you would like to view the security report, please click the button below. 


Despite currently being the most secure Village Management Platform, we want to focus on continuing to be the most protected and secure platform in the future as well.  As a result, we are applying Healthcare Industry security standards to maximize the security of our service platform and demonstrate how dedicated we are to keeping your Village’s data protected.

If you are already a Helpful Village Customer and you are building a partnership with your local Hospital, insurance company, or Healthcare provider, we are interested in joining the conversation to help you offer additional services to your Village members.

We look forward to continuing our pursuit for excellence in security and HIPAA compliance. 

- The Helpful Village Team

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