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Village Builder a new Module is Born!

Updated: Apr 4, 2019

March 6, 2019

We are thrilled to announce that seven new Villages have joined the Helpful Village platform in 2019. We look forward to providing our services to these Villages while they grow and continue to assist older adults in their communities.

Modern tools for a New Era of Villages

As we rapidly expand, we are excited to announce a new feature with Helpful Village: The Village Builder Module. It is now easier and faster than ever to get a Village up and running. While starting Volunteer operations can be a challenge, Village Builder is a great opportunity to have Volunteers get comfortable with working with Village tasks such as member recruitment, organizing events, etc. The Village Builder opportunities then create an easy transition for volunteers to help with member services as the Village evolves. 

This new module was inspired by many of the successful Villages that are currently using Helpful Village to operate. We are always inspired by the visionary ideas of our customers. 

More Exclusive Modules Coming Soon!

As we have grown the number of Villages operating with Helpful Village, we are also growing the number of services we offer. This year we are bringing new and exclusive features to our platform to ensure that our Villages have the best tools and resources to grow and support their Village.

In addition to the new Village Builder module, in the coming month, we will be announcing another exclusive Helpful Village module! Stay tuned to learn more!

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