Helpful Village Webinar

What is Helpful Village?

May 24th 2018

Our Webinar, entitled: “What is Helpful Village? An Overview for Interested Villages” was designed for Village leaders and Executive Directors that had never seen Helpful Village and are wondering why so many Villages are now using Helpful Village.


Helpful Village overview

Last Wednesday, Helpful Village gave a demo showcasing the most popular features of its software. We were amazed at the number of villages who attended the Webinar, which was coorganized with the Village-to-Village Network. More and more, we see Villages being stung by the technology bee... buzz.

We would love to share with you all the positive feedback that we have been receiving from our customers about how our software is accessible to people of all ages and has a diverse set of features that are tailored specifically for the needs of the Village Movement but we rather you see for yourself in our Demo.

If you’ve been wondering how Helpful Village works or if you’ve been struggling with a particular feature, watch the Demo! At the end of the Demo, stay tuned for a Q&A session where the founder of Helpful Village answers the most commonly asked questions.

Please feel free to contact us.